Meet MJ

There are factors in life that determine the velocity of your inner drive. It’s either slow and steady or in high gear. But, for many women, the moments designed to break them down, will lift them up, and that’s when intense resilience and determination emerge.

Marriah Jones, CEO of Marriah Jones Beauty, was raised in Prince George County, MD. She didn’t have any particular aspirations and ventured into various fields; however, none sparked a fire. Her outlook on life did shift, though, the moment her daughter was born. Becoming a mother catapulted her life into what it is today.  Marriah entered the government sector as a procurement specialist intern, became a full-time employee within two years, and provided a sustainable lifestyle for her family.

As most mothers, Marriah was invested in her family though failed to invest time and care in herself. Self-negligence often leads to a ream of emotions commonly felt among devoted wives and mothers. As a result, these women begin to feel unappreciated, undesirable and begin to question their worth. Marriah found herself lost in this sea of negative emotions and decided it was time to put herself first. 

This self-realization motivated Marriah to pursue her true passion: Makeup & Beauty. She finally felt the burning desire to develop something truly hers, allowing her to continue creating her ideal lifestyle. So, she decided to build MJ Beauty, the next-level cosmetic empire fit for all who seek beauty, confidence, and diversity.

Marriah’s dedication to building a greater life despite the adversities along the way is a direct result of her refusal to settle for mediocrity and only aim for excellence.



“Follow your heart and live life exactly the way you picture it in your dreams. Don’t settle for anything less!” - Marriah Jones


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